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What to do with an old, dilapidated swimming pool

By the light of the now brilliant moons I saw that he was but a shadow of his former self, and as he turned from my caress and commenced greedily.

Owning your own swimming pool is a luxury that countless people dream of.  Unfortunately there are many countries in the world where an outdoor pool just isn’t a viable option, but luckily for us Australia isn’t one of them!  Our climate means that there is very little stopping us from having outdoor pools if we so wish and thousands of homes across the country already do.  But what if you buy a new house and it comes with a drab, dated and frankly disgusting looking pool hiding in the back garden?  Well, you essentially have two options:

Option 1 – Clean it

Of course, this might be the first thing that crosses your mind, scrub it down and you’re good to go right?  Well, even if you take out the fact that cleaning a pool of any size is very strenuous work, just scrubbing the pool won’t bring back the shine.  More importantly it almost certainly will not kill all of the harmful bacteria that will have built up in the tiles and grout.  The last thing you want is to put all that effort into cleaning and filling your pool, just for everyone that gets in it to be very ill shortly afterwards.

Option 2 – Fill it in

A bit more drastic that option 1, but filling in your disgusting, unsightly pool might be the best thing for it.  After all it isn’t going to be usable again so why not simply reclaim the space and but something nice there instead.  The downside to this is that it requires a lot of materials and how can you be sure that the ground is safe once you are finished?  It isn’t outside the realms of possibility that the earth beneath your old pool is not stable and once you fill it in you could be facing anything from subsidence to a full blown sink hole!

So what to do?  Fortunately there might well be a fourth option for you, one that combines the possibilities of both the previous options and give you better results…

Option 3 – Renovate it

You could employ a professional pool care company to help restore your poo to its former glory.  There are several companies that provide a variety of excellent services operating in Australia and they can guarantee the quality and viability of whatever work you wish to have done to your pool.  For example, see Perth Pool Co’s renovations work and you’ll be able to see how they transform an unloved pool into a brand new centrepiece for your garden that will have you and your family enjoying the dream so many others wish they were lucky enough to indulge in after only a few short days.