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Three times that you really should consider hiring a skip

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We all have things that need to be thrown away, and normally taking these to the local waste recycling centre is not the biggest issue.  However, there are times when what needs to be thrown is a lot more than a simple item or two that can be thrown into your car.  So we’re going to take a quick look at three reasons you might want to call a skip bin hire company for a quote.

Emptying or moving house

Moving house is a great time to declutter and kick out all of the unwanted junk you’ve accumulated over the years.  There’s no point in taking some things with you to just clutter up a new house, so be strong and firm and kick out the useless and valueless.  Obviously, there are other reasons for having to clear a house, but as unpleasant as some of them can be, there is still a need to sort the worthless from the important, so a skip can always be useful.

Garden waste

Major changes and landscaping to your garden can produce a lot of green waste.  Local collections will normally cover a small amount, but they are not going to remove half a ton of soil for you!  If you have a skip on hand then you can just throw all the soil in one convenient place and you don’t have to worry about picking out large stones or other strange garden waste as the skip company will take it all (within reason, please see below).

Major redecorating

Undertaking major work to your home is never something anyone should decide to do lightly.  However, with all of the things you need to worry about, handling the waste rubble, timber and plasterboard should not be one of them.  Professional building companies all use skips for a reason, so why not follow their example and have one at your disposal for your disposal needs!


Please be aware that your skip may be a great space to throw unwanted materials, but there are some items that you are not permitted to throw away using one.  There are legal restrictions on the disposal of asbestos and insulation materials as these are highly dangerous and must be handled properly.  The same is also true of batteries, tires, oils and other such corrosive and harmful substances.

There are also rules that skip companies apply to your hire; these are normally related to the purpose of your skip. Before they agree to a hire, most companies will want to know the purpose and kind of waste you intend to use your skip for.  This is to enable them to properly dispose of the waste you send them and as such different hires will come with different limitations.  This is purely for ergonomic and recycling purposes and if you talk to the hire companies they will be able to find a solution for any needs that you may have.

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