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Things To Consider Before You Buy Your Wedding Dress

Are you feeling the pressure of choosing the right wedding dress? Don’t. It’s time to take more ‘bride’ in your appearance. Much of us, as a society, seemingly expect the queen-to-be to graciously stroll down the aisle wearing a white dress engineered to complete perfection. The color of the bride’s modern day ceremonial wedding attire – unless the lucky lady is a Gothic rocker sporting a collection of patchy tattoos – will generally be worn as a calm beige or a fresh white.

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The Shape & Colour Of A Wedding Dress

The shape, well, that depends entirely on the woman’s taste and how she would like to be perceived on the day. Is she a girl who is ready to get down and boogie after the speeches, or one who is fully committed behaving herself in front of the new parents. It’s not black and white, but I do feel that when the big day arrives, the groom is cut far more slack than the bride and the behaviors from both eventually collide and fall into sync – both madly in love and knowing that the honeymoon is all but far from sight. Marriage, often quoted as the happiest day of one’s life is nor bland or plain, which begs the question, ‘why do women feel the need to plaster-cast themselves in white when life is so colorful? Yes, the future is bright, but not necessarily white. Why not make things more vibrant! Nowadays, women are taking a leap of faith out into the realm of color and customizing their own dress to match with their feeling about themselves and their wedding, which is often a fantastic surprise for the groom. Skin tone, complexity, hair color and personality all play a vital role during the dress selection process, yet the average princess will delve in amongst the white dresses from the get-go and aim for shape, rather than something different altogether.

Wear What You Want, It’s Your Wedding

Who decided that wedding dresses were to be white anyway? Shouldn’t a girl compliment her own physical appearance by selecting a dress of her choice? My mother wore jeans at her wedding. With that said, most tomboy lesbians will refuse to wear a dress of any kind unless paid handsomely. Do what feels right for you on the day. Say nay to society and tradition and explore your inner wedding-self. Women, alleviate your stress and dress to impress! 

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