The Importance of Cultural Diversity Today

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Human beings differ in various ways—nationality, gender, race, age, religion, class, lifestyle and so much more, yet at very basic we are all human species and we all feel joy and pain despite the differences. It is this diversity that makes this world amazing and surprising because it adds so much excitement and sparkles to our interactions with each other. Regardless of what place you are in, either school, work or family, nowadays it is hard to avoid interacting with people of other cultures. Also, there must be a chance at some stage where you travel overseas for the first time, and you are completely surprised and confused that there is more than one way of conducting things, and you madly fall in love with the food you never knew existed.

For example, the very first time, you are probably astonished seeing needles sticking into people’s skin over different parts of a body in Chinese acupuncture, and wondered if it is safe and if it actually works. Well, Chinese acupuncture actually works! Also, you would be surprised by the animals—dogs, money, snakes, insects or birds that people of other culture eat.

Diversity is what makes our life extremely fascinating and more than that, the benefits of cultural diversity extend into other aspects.


Diversity Creates Abundance in Opinions

Sometimes, the problem can’t be solved with a group of people of the same culture. Diversity adds richness in opinions and solutions in a group, and people of different background offer another solution to a problem that some people cannot come up with. The challenges nowadays need input from people of different cultures, and business benefits extensively by having diverse employees.

Diversity makes us Compassionate about Others

When we are interacting with people of different cultural background, we don’t judge the behaviors that are completely different from ours. Because diversity teaches us to be compassionate and appreciate the differences, and hatred only leads one’s life to misery and anger.

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Diversity is a Growing Trend

Nowadays, there is no country in the world where there are only natives. Immigrants are invading every corner of the world. There are also millions of people traveling to other parts of the world for better opportunities, education, and lifestyle. Therefore, diversity is seen everywhere and we have to learn to embrace and appreciate it, which could allow us potential better opportunities that we don’t get from our own culture.

Diversity Opens Up Market

Due to diversity, entrepreneurs are able to reach out to new markets where they never had access to before, as well as new clients, which expands the operation of a business in a more extensive way. Diversity creates a brand new way to conduct business and allows business better opportunities to grow and develop. Multinational business have offices set up in different locations of the world and it creates so much more employment, so there is no reason for us not to embrace diversity.