Most people will find themselves with a spade shifting earth at some point in their lives and normally this is just a minor effort that is classed as gardening.  However, if you own acres of land of have some significant landscaping requirements then that humble spade starts to look a little insignificant.  There are quite a few options available to you to solve your problem, and we will explore the most prominent in a little more depth here.

Should I try clearing the land myself?

There are a number of DIY options available to you such as hiring machinery or getting a sole trader in to remove the unwanted materials.  However, can you be certain that the land will be safe and stable after this removal?  A reliable earthworks company will be able to ensure that the remaining soil is perfectly suited to your needs and they will have the expertise to ensure that siltation and erosion and minimised.  This will leave you with exactly what you need for you project.

What about minimising the damage to the surrounding areas?

You may be tempted to think that hiring a professional earthworks company would mean lots of big, heavy machines rolling in and out of your property tearing up surrounding land.  However, this is a misconception.  Professional excavation companies are well trained and very experienced in how to best maintain the surrounding environments whereas for a novice this will be little more than an educated guess.

Does it matter what kind of ground I have?

For small scale traders, certain types of soil, especially very rocky and clay based soils, could cause a lot of problems.  Professional earthworks companies will have the exact tools and knowledge needed to tackle any problem that your ground may throw at them.  Things as simple as encountering a large rock can pose a challenge if you don’t have the right tools and expertise, so professionals are an essential choice for tricky ground.

What kind of protection would I be offered?

Working on an excavation yourself might seem to be a cheaper option, but the liability any kind of damage caused during the job will fall on your shoulders.  A professional excavation company would have insurance in place to take care of any unexpected incidents and also have the skills and equipment to rectify most issues with ease.  They will also be able to provide guarantees for their work to ensure that you are protected against any future issues that may arise as a result of your earthmoving requirements.  Please make sure you check the fine details of these agreements and ensure that you understand exactly what is covered and how it applies to you and your project.

There are times when using professionals is unnecessary, but when the job is going to be significant enough to make you wonder if you need professional help, then you have most likely answered your own question.  Make the call and find out how much help a professional earthworks company could be for you.