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How To Know When You Need Tree Lopping Services

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As the weather gets hotter the grass grows quicker. Nature defies us all again and bursts into unwanted areas of our gardens.  


Keeping Your Garden Well Maintained 

We all want a well-manicured backyard but sometimes it just seems like things are getting out of control. Trees particularly can creep into areas where we really don’t want them, and the effect this force of nature can have on our homes can be quite destructive.  


We all want them around, but there comes a time when it becomes imperative to cut them back or, on occasions where safety becomes an issue, have them completely removed. 


There are times when this is reasonably straightforward – if access is easy and the branches and limbs are easy to handle. But there are times when the task becomes more problematic.  


When height is an issue, or when the basic gardening tool is just not adequate for the job. This is when we must call on the services of qualified tree lopping professionals 


These companies have the skills and equipment to handle even the most complex projects and can make short work of jobs which would take the average homeowner much longer to complete.  


When considering whether or not to tackle an overgrown tree one must first weigh up two important factors – can I safely do this job alone? And how long is it likely to take me compared to a professional tree surgeon?   

 nature tree

If the time it takes to complete the job by oneself is not viable, or if the necessary equipment is not available, then a professional company should be consulted.   


In Australia there are many companies offering domestic tree services, however, customers should be cautious when dealing with businesses which cannot offer any industry-specific accreditation.  


What To Look For in A Tree Company 

Companies should have accreditation by any number of international and national bodies which regulate the quality of their work. A business which cannot provide details of any accreditation should be avoided.  


Also, adequate public liability insurance should be in place before a business starts any work on a customer’s property. The lack of such insurance would be highly problematic in the event of any damage to a customer’s property or belongings. 


Another possible concern when dealing with companies for the first time is to establish how long the company has been trading.  


If the business has no obvious trading history it may be prudent to ask for references in the local area. There has always been a tradition within the industry for transient companies to work within an area for a given period before moving on.  


This in itself is not of concern. However, if there are issues with the completed work, or with the conduct of company employees, it may be difficult to find a satisfactory resolution if the company in question is no longer operating in the area. 


For a reliable, legally recompensable service it is recommended to source a local, well-established tree lopping business like Lakeside Trees and Stumps which has full public liability insurance and accreditation with an industry regulator.  


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