Christmas Party Ideas for Work

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Christmas is a wonderful time of year that works most people up into a frantic and excited mess. Between working, planning, last-minute shopping, and attending events (including dinner with the in-laws), it can be difficult to find a moment to breathe. Some people live for it, others try to keep their heads down and get through it in one piece. In any case, we figured we would try and lighten the load by sharing some awesome Christmas party ideas for work.

These ideas will either inspire your own unique Christmas party theme or provide you with a fun ‘ready-made’ event to try out with your employees this year. Read on and let’s get in the festive spirit!

But Wait, Isn’t It too Early to Be Thinking About Christmas Party Ideas for Work?

Wrong! It’s never too early to start planning. Before you know it, the early decorations will be going up, Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé will be coming out of hibernation, and you’ll be kicking yourself for not thinking about it sooner.

So, yes, now is the perfect time to start planning before the madness ensues!

An Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

You know the sweaters we’re talking about. Everybody has an ugly, itchy Christmas sweater that a grandparent gave them many moons ago and if you don’t, count yourself lucky.

In any case, they’re easy enough to find! In fact, there are plenty of websites that sell “ugly Christmas sweaters” which are actually incredibly cool, and incredibly comfy.

Get everyone in the office to take part and make no exceptions. You will all have to turn up to the party looking positively daft in order for this event to really work. Just to be on the safe side, make sure you keep a couple of spare sweaters on hand with some extra silly props as punishment for anyone trying to be a scrooge.

Once you’re all together, you can play games, eat lots of Christmas snacks, and get a little tipsy as such festivities dictate.

Get Freaky with a Nightmare Before Christmas Party

Everybody loves Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas and if you haven’t seen it, now is the time to do so, especially as Halloween fast approaches. Just make sure that you hang on to all of your spooky Halloween prompts so that you can fuse the two together with a freaky flair!

This is a great way to mix the cheesy Christmas song playlist up with some Halloween classics. Have everyone come as Nightmare Before Christmas inspired characters (which should be easy enough—can anyone say Zombie Santa?) and you’ll be well on your way to an awesome and unique Christmas work party.

Santa’s Workshop / Team-Building Theme

To really get into the festive spirit, why not set up an exciting Santa’s workshop theme to get everyone bonding and working together in the spirit of Christmas? You can set up little elf-workstations with various arts and crafts so that your guests can create their own silly gifts for one another. You could even throw a secret Santa draw into the mix and have everyone making silly gifts for their unsuspecting recipients!

Christmas Movie Marathon!

Do a poll and have everyone in the office vote for their Christmas movies, then arrange an awesome get together with loads of seats, beanbags and cushions, set up a large projector, and have yourselves a merry little movie night.

Couple that with plenty of pizza, snacks, and alcohol, and you’ll be on to a nostalgic winner which the team will look back on fondly for years to come!

Christmas in Vegas

Turn the office into a late-night casino and celebrate Christmas in Vegas! Get the roulette wheels on the go with your very own croupiers to make it feel even more authentic. You can even set up a cocktail station and have some experienced mixologists flaring their skills whilst pouring your team a delicious selection of festive themed cocktails! It’s a great excuse to get dressed up, gamble without losing any money whatsoever, and just have an all-round good time!

If you’d like more ideas or you need some assistance with throwing your Christmas party for work, why don’t you check out event hire by Bold Events?

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