Benefits of Security Screen Doors and Windows

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When it comes to renovating your home, as with any room, there are so many things to consider. Alongside the choice of counters, flooring, utilities and all the other seemingly endless lists of items that you need to factor in, the doors and windows often find themselves very far down the pecking order. However, whilst many of the products you are poring through the catalogues and websites for are mainly chosen on the basis of their aesthetic value, windows and doorways are much more than this and warrant the proper time spent selecting them correctly. They not only provide a protective barrier to the outside at a point through which burglars can easily enter the property but they can also greatly alter the look and feel of the room. Alongside this, the functionality and cost effectiveness of the room can be dictated by them. You should really consider installing security screen doors and windows in your newly renovated home. They are readily available and certified traders will have plenty of options available to choose from but what are their benefits to your newly renovated home?


Security screens can be installed which will allow you to let the air in and out of the house whilst maintaining a secure property. Your kitchen can become very hot and stuffy and the visibility within it greatly reduced by the steam and smoke generated whilst cooking. The simplest way to release this is to open up your windows but sometimes this can leave us feeling exposed. Security screens are a perfect balance between the two as you can create a flow of fresh air or release the smoke and steam but still feel perfectly safe and not have to worry about constantly checking outside for intruders or continually closing them back up.

Pest Protection

Another problem when you open up the windows in your house is that as you let the outside in so pests and insects come with it. In his is the worst as hours of work can be ruined by little critters buzzing around your ingredients or even landing in your meals. Security screens will intercept these frustrating pests and leave you to enjoy what you are doing with the benefits of fresh air without these unwanted guests.

Cost Saving

Many people spend a lot of money on extractor fans and ventilation products, especially in the kitchen. Whilst the catalogues make them look like a must-buy item surely the same can be achieved by simply opening up the windows and doors. The cool fresh air will replace the heat and steam build up alongside diminishing the lingering smells but without any costs – there are no electricity costs spent on opening your windows! If installed throughout the house they can save you a lot of money across the year but even if you just use them in your kitchen the savings can really add up.

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