Bluetooth is rightly seen as an essential technology in cars these days, with the laws in many countries now requiring the use of hands-free systems for making phone calls and general interactions.  Every modern car will have Bluetooth capabilities built into it as a standard feature, but for slightly older cars getting such systems added is very possible as there are a range of solutions on the market.

The biggest problem is that the more basic ones don’t offer good audio quality and lack features but are easy to install, whereas the more feature-packed solutions can be very difficult to install as they integrate more fully into your car.

Having a more expensive and better integrated Bluetooth system will offer you more flexibility, however, you will most likely require the services of installation specialists such as Tower Audio to achieve a nice, high-quality finish.

Voice Commands

Of the many features that Bluetooth brings to your car, the ability to use voice commands is definitely one of the most versatile.  If your car is capable of interpreting instructions from your phone then this will open up extra possibilities, but at its most basic, you can use your Bluetooth system to talk to your phone and issue commands and instructions to control almost anything.  This will vary depending on your phone, but you should be able to use all of your messaging features without once looking at the screen as well as controlling the next item on our list.


Streaming music

Regardless of the source, you should be able to control any music-playing app with your voice, but more relevantly you can stream music from your phone via Bluetooth to your car.  This can take one of two forms, the Bluetooth receiver can either have a direct auxiliary connection to your cars stereo, or it can transmit the audio signal it is receiving via FM radio so that you can tune your car stereo into it as if it was your own private radio station.


Monitor your car

Amazingly, there is a range of Bluetooth devices that can connect to various points on your car such as the computer or the tires and provide sensor data back to your phone and Bluetooth interface.  This can give you all kinds of information depending on the devices you use, but this can prove invaluable in catching faults early and saving a lot of money on expensive diagnostic processes.


Out of these three ideas to improve the functionality of the Bluetooth setup in your car, the first two should be very possible with even the most basic of Bluetooth adaptors and interfaces.  If you really want to go all out and add new sensors, displays and other functionality, then the technology is there and your phone will act as a hub for just about any of it, but for the more complicated setups, it is definitely worth seeking professional installation help.  The last thing you want to do is damage your car whilst trying to add new features.