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5 Top Tips for Ordering Custom Made Bedroom Furniture

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When ordering customised bedroom furniture, you always have to take extra care. It’s awesome, having tailor made items that are perfect for your home, but that’s just it – you have to make certain that they will be! If you want to make a statement and have furniture that’s reminiscent of your individuality, then having your furniture designed and built for you is definitely the way, just afford yourself the appropriate level of care and consideration before going ahead. Here are 5 top tips on how you can guarantee success when ordering custom made bedroom furniture.

1 – Know Your Space Well

Before going ahead and ordering your custom-made bedroom furniture, you need to be certain that you know your dimensions well. You should measure everything from the floor space, the height of any windows, headboard size and any other relevant aspects depending on the type of furniture as well.

2 – How Will Your Item Be Delivered?

It’s all well and good having your very own customer made furniture designed for you, if you can’t get it into your home! You should endeavour to measure all entrances to your home and see if you can order your furniture in parts that will fit together easily once inside.

3 – Share Your Ideas

Ultimately, this is your furniture, so it should meet your expectations. A great way of achieving that is by being entirely honest with your designer, about what you want. You could even share drawings or diagrams of where you want the furniture to fit and how you would like it to appear.  Find the perfect materials and start turning those dreams and ideas into a real, true to life item of custom made furniture.

4 – Fabrics are Important

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to what you’re covering your furniture in and which materials you’re using. Naturally, you will have some ideas about what you want, and it’s important to share that with your designer. If they believe that your preferable material will be suitable for what you want, general compatibility and functionality, ie – what you will be using the furniture for, then they will make it work.

5 – Double Check Everything

Before giving the green light and getting the ball rolling, you should always endeavour to double check everything, particularly the confirmation of your order. It’s important to be fully aware of every aspect of the design and build process, this is so that you can have more control. It’s also to ensure that no mistakes are made.

There’s nothing worse than spending out on a piece, only to find that it’s not quite right, or that it won’t fit where you want it. Be vigilant and take your time! You’ll thank yourself in the long run when the end results is a beautiful piece of custom made bedroom furniture which you’ve always dreamed of.

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