3 Ways to Turn Your Photography Hobby into a Career

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A photographer is one of the hardest professions that you can make a living out of it, like all art form. It is an artistic pursuit. Many people get into photography not for the money but for the fun and passion, or at least not in the beginning. I have worked with a number of hobby photographers for my own projects for win-win results. Some of them are making pocket money on the side but having a fulltime job. Others are just having fun being creative, and have a desire to expand their potential.

Who doesn’t want to do something they love for a living? There is a saying that “do something you love, you don’t have to work for a day”. The fantastic thing about an artistic discipline like photography is that it is for sure a fun hobby to dedicate your effort and soul into and create something.  It could also be a potentially lucrative profession. There are a number of ways you can start today that earns you money on the side, and possibly become an actual career down the road. Read on to find out.


Start a YouTube Channel or a Photography Blog

Both blogs and YouTube channel can realize your dream of work remotely and do something you are passionate about. The similarities of both formats are income both generated through ads and sponsored content. You don’t have to be a great writer to become a blogger, which is one of the most common misconceptions people have. It is suggested that you should blog like you talk. Blogging language should be delightful and easy to understand for internet users. Think about it, are you more interested and attracted to read pleasing and easy to follow blog posts or those obscure and difficult ones?

In my opinions, a YouTube channel is a more lucrative than a blog website. The reasons are, firstly YouTube has become the second biggest platform where people search for both useful and entertaining information after Google, secondly a video format is more appealing and easy to follow format than an article. But indeed, a video requires more time and work to be done. Also, both require a good amount of following before you can start generating income.


Sell Your Prints

Another way to make money as a photographer is to sell your work. A beautiful picture is a work of art. Would you rather only save it in your computer and online than making the most of it by applying some practices, like printing out and hang it at your home as a personally unique decoration with custom frames? Turn your beautiful photographs into something physical. You can consider starting a business either online or in a physical store by selling the prints of the best of your works.


Become a Paparazzo

If you live in a city that is a celebrity hotspot, it is a good idea to get into paparazzi photography. To become a paparazzi photographers, you usually need to obtain press credentials and some other possible credentials. You can decide if you want to work with an agency or become a freelancer. In my opinion, I would advise joining an agency rather than freelancing. The income is often higher and steadier if you work with an agency than freelancing. What is more, you will be most likely provided with the resources and information about where celebrity sightings are. Paparazzi photographer could be well-paid but also highly demanding and competitive.

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