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General bookkeeping tips for small business

General bookkeeping tips for small business Being self-employed or running a small business, you’ll know precisely how important and stressful proper bookkeeping truly is.  Everyone has their own methods of keeping records for their businesses, but there’s also no shame in seeking some help with your bookkeeping, even if it is just to make sure you haven’t missed anything.  Professional accountants are able to offer you some simple but effective advice and some more in depth services to help ensure that you can streamline your piles of paper and ensure…

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anniversary flower Lifestyle 

Do you really need a reason to send someone flowers?

Everyone enjoys receiving a gift; the simple act will let a person know that someone is thinking of them and that they are loved.   Even the simplest of gifts can mean the world to someone if it is heartfelt and given with love.  So why do we restrict ourselves to only giving gifts on specific days of the year? What is so wrong with showing people that you love them all year round? One of the easiest answers to this is the availability of both gifts and money.  Certain…

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Baffles wall Home Improvement 

Five reasons you might want to install soundproofing in your home

These days’ keeping quite is a science.  There is so much more to keeping noise at bay then simply building thicker walls that there is a whole industry dedicated to ensuring peace is maintained at all times. There are numerous professional applications for sound insulation in a business environment, but there are also a lot of reasons you might want some in your home. Noisy neighbours Let’s get the classic out of the way first.  Most of us live in large cities or towns where we are forced to live…

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