cookie Foods & Drinks 

Delicious Gluten Free Cupcakes

Home baked foods are something you’d usually associate with home-cooking, however, whereas many supermarkets and bakeries serve up mass-produced items that are full of preservatives, there’s still no reason why you can’t enjoy delicious bakery foods whilst in downtown Perth, and for that, The Sassy Cookie Café is the ideal place! The Sassy Cookie Café is a family run cake shop that serves up its very own, home-baked cupcakes, cakes, tarts, and slices, available for taking away or dine in. The luxury, formal dining furniture and relaxed atmosphere offer a…

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nature tree Home Improvement 

Basic tips and considerations for tree removal

Trees are wonderful things; there can be no denying that.  We owe out continued existence to them and they provide us with natural resources and natural beauty.  However, there are times when we need to remove them for various reasons.  It could be blocking a site that requires developing, it could have grown too big and be unsafe, it could have died and pose a danger or many other reasons.  If you have decided that the tree requires removal, then there are several points you need to consider before deciding…

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