bricks Home Improvement 

Modern Stonemasonry and Limestone Restoration

Stonemasonry is undoubtedly one of the oldest trades on the planet; with examples dating back almost as far as evidence of civilisation can be traced.  With countless examples of incredible stonework found throughout history, it is little wonder that the craft is still prominent today.  Modern times have caused stonemasonry to evolve as new tools become available and demand has shifted focus.  Whilst there is still the need for more large scale building projects, stonemasonry now has a whole range of intricate, smaller applications of the trade.  There are a…

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pool swimming Home Improvement 

What to do with an old, dilapidated swimming pool

Owning your own swimming pool is a luxury that countless people dream of.  Unfortunately there are many countries in the world where an outdoor pool just isn’t a viable option, but luckily for us Australia isn’t one of them!  Our climate means that there is very little stopping us from having outdoor pools if we so wish and thousands of homes across the country already do.  But what if you buy a new house and it comes with a drab, dated and frankly disgusting looking pool hiding in the back…

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