Almost all of us spend a good deal of time in our cars commuting, running errands and even embarking on social trips, so it is important that we have some kind of distraction from the tedium of traffic or distance driving. While we have a high-end quality of Bluetooth and speaker set, there are might be some bugging problem we more likely to encounter.

The vast majority of drivers, most of us rely on the music system to eradicate our boredom in the middle of the road; something that you probably won’t realise quite how much you take for granted until you have to do without it.  One of the most common issues that arise with car sound systems is speaker damage or failure.

What causes speakers to fail?

There are several causes but the vast majority of speaker failures are due to what can essentially be described as an overload.  The sound being channelled to the speakers from the amplifier is outside the range that the speakers are capable of handling and as such, they require more voltage to try and process it.  This excess voltage causes the voice coil in the speaker to heat up and eventually burn, leading to damage.  Contrary to popular belief, this damage usually happens over a period of time, not instantly.

What can I do with damaged speakers?

If you start to experience problems with your speakers then you basically have three choices.  You can replace them, repair them or get someone to fix them for you.

Replace them

One of the most obvious choices is simply to remove the damaged speaker and replace it with a compatible model.  This could also provide a good opportunity to upgrade your car’s sound system should you so wish.  However, getting to the speakers can prove tricky, but the service manual for your vehicle should have detailed instructions on how to go about this.

Get them replaced

If the thought of tearing your car apart to try and replace the speakers gives you heart palpitations, then your best course of action would be to get a professional to replace them.  Most big towns and cities have a range of places you can take your vehicle for this kind of work so you should be able to find a reputable garage or a superb car audio store near you that will be able to help you out.

Repair them

By far the trickiest option available to you, but definitely the most gratifying.  Speakers with blown coils are not necessarily a write-off if you have a little bit of time and patience.  You first need to remove the speaker and carefully cut away the cone and the old voice coil whilst being careful not to damage the cone.  Clean the old glue from the housing and then fit the replacement coil into the speaker before glueing the cone back in place and reassembling the unit.

This is not as intimidating as it might sound, and even if you ruin the speaker trying, it would have gone in the bin if you hadn’t.  So why not be brave and try, you might even learn a new skill along the way.