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The Casino Party Dress Code

About 60% of businesses that have closed during the coronavirus pandemic will never reopen, and restaurants have suffered the most, according to new data from Yelp.

Whether you are hosting or attending a casino themed party, there will always be a range of considerations playing on your mind.  Obviously, if you are hosting one, then there will be a lot more that you need to think about but hopefully you have booked everything using a casino themed corporate party service to minimise your troubles. Even if you are not organising the event, attending one is not the simplest thing in the world.  Now, the idea is simply to have fun and normally raise some money for a good cause, but there are a lot of unwritten rules surrounding etiquette as well as dress code and conduct that party goers may not be aware of. 


General pointers

Know what is expected of you at one of these events, you should be checking in with the organisers, but these are a few of the general expectations in regards to dress code at a casino party.  These kinds of corporate events should be considered a formal affair unless you are told otherwise.  This means that everyone will be expecting a classy and lavish evening, and as such excessive drinking is definitely out of the question, as well as messy food and children.  This is not a party so much as an event, and it is always best to remember that as this extends to all aspects of the evening, especially the dress code.

For the gentlemen

Arguably the gents have an easier time with this one as a formal dinner suit with bowtie will normally do the trick.  If your party is going the extra mile then you may be required to rent a top hat and tails, or a formal white tie suit along with gloves.  This is completely down to the organiser and they will need to confirm with guests exactly what is expected of the men in this regard.


For the ladies

As with many things in life, the ladies in attendance will be most likely expected to be looking elegant and lavish in at least knee length formal dresses.  Unless your invitation states that it is acceptable, cocktail dresses as well as other short dresses should not be considered as this can be seen as impolite at the very least depending on the theming of the evening.  For extra formal affairs, a full length ball gown should be the go to garment of choice with accessories of diamonds and pearls if at all possible.


A final note

If you are attending a corporate casino themed event, then please remember that it is very much a game of pretence.  You are all pretending to be something that is not necessarily who you are and it is supposed to be fun, as the game is being rich and wealthy in a safe and controlled manner.  Check the details of the event with your organiser and make sure the dress code is laid out very clearly as there’s nothing worse than being the only one in a cocktail dress when everyone else is wearing elegant ball gowns; but most importantly – have fun!