Should you have already felt the need to buy a Pelican case, then you will already be well aware of how effective they are protecting just about anything when travelling.  These cases are impeccably designed to offer the very strongest and most reliable container for anything you should choose to carry in them.  But as wonderful as a basic case can be, there are a range of accessories that you should consider picking up if you use your case for specific purposes.



Having foam lining your case adds a third layer of protection for whatever is inside.  This helps absorb impact damage as well as keeping the noise of anything moving around inside down to almost nothing, meaning that anyone considering grabbing your case will not be able to guess at its contents and therefore value.  Foam is an essential part of a Pelican Flight case and none should be without some.


Padded dividers

Splitting up the contents of your case is another excellent way to keep it safe whilst in transit.  This is because by limiting the amount of movement the items inside your case can have, you minimise the chances of them damaging each other.  This is simply a more sophisticated form of wrapping the items you pack, but these dividers are elegant and adjustable, making them another essential option to have at your disposal.


Lid stay

A simple but effective addition to any case, a lid stay is a pair of brackets that lock once the lid is opened and prevent it from closing until you choose to release it.  This provides you with the ability to use both hands to search through the case or open it in less stable conditions and not worry about the lid slamming down on your fingers.


Carry strap

Anyone who has ever carried a bag around for a prolonged period of time will tell you that it quickly becomes a nuisance.  You find yourself swapping hands and getting uncomfortable quite quickly as well as always being one hand down when trying to perform any kind of task.  As such, a carry strap can be a really handy addition to your case, and one that you’ll be grateful for on any kind of trip.


Luggage lock

Given the design of many Pelican cases, it is not always possible to find a padlock that will be suitable to use.  As such, getting a luggage lock that has a locking loop made from high strength metal fibres rather than solid metal will work wonders.  Pelican cases are designed with this more flexible style of lock in mind and as such just about all of them have built in holes for such locks to be threaded through.  It should take no explanation why locking your case is a good idea, and if you are using a Pelican case for peace of mind in the first place, this is a logical extra step.