Everyone enjoys receiving a gift; the simple act will let a person know that someone is thinking of them and that they are loved.   Even the simplest of gifts can mean the world to someone if it is heartfelt and given with love.  So why do we restrict ourselves to only giving gifts on specific days of the year? What is so wrong with showing people that you love them all year round?

One of the easiest answers to this is the availability of both gifts and money.  Certain things are only in the shops at certain times of year, and we all have to live to our own budgets, whatever they may be.  Now, we can’t help you with your budgeting, but we can suggest a perfect gift for any time of year – flowers.  There is something so simple and almost primal about enjoying the sight and smell of flowers, they have been part of our world for so much longer than we have and they are still fulfilling the same, humble purpose they always have done.  So why not bring some of that happiness into the lives of your loved ones!

Which flowers should I buy?

There is literally no one that can answer that question for you because flowers can symbolise so many different things to so many people, it is almost a completely unique choice.  There are classics such as red roses (if you try to buy these around Valentine’s Day, expect the price to be significantly higher to match demand!) that symbolise love, or white lilies that symbolise death.  But there are hundreds of thousands of different flowers on this planet, so why limit yourself to the stereotypes?   Online florists have huge ranges available for you to browse at your leisure, allowing you to buy beautiful flowers online with almost no hassle.  In fact the biggest issue will most likely be the sheer volume of choice you have!

Think about the person and the reason for sending your flowers, consider what they like and dislike, how they’re feeling and what you’re hoping these flowers will achieve.  It doesn’t have to be a huge grand gesture such as bereavement or a wedding, in fact these are some of the only times people can find themselves with too many flowers!  After all, most homes only have one or two vases to put them in.  With a little bit of thought you will be able to find flowers that really match the person you want to send them to, and even if you don’t feel like you can pick from the huge range available to you, trust us, your recipient will always be glad to receive some flowers.  This is even truer if the flowers appear out of the blue without warning as surprising someone with a thoughtful, caring gesture is often one of the most rewarding gifts of all.