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Are PVC plantation shutters good? How long do PVC shutters last? How much do PVC plantation shutters cost?

plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are a great addition to any home, offering an easy combination of privacy and light in one while also adding a classy look to your home. From Ancient Greece to the Southern USA to homes all over Australia, today plantation shutters are a popular choice to replace blinds and curtains in your house.
They can vary a great deal in materials, quality, and longevity so it is important to know what you are getting into, and PVC plantation shutters are a great option to start with. Here we will have a look at how much they cost, how long they last, and whether or not they are the right choice for your home.

Are PVC plantation shutters good?

So the first question you need to ask is are these shutters any good, and are you making the right choice getting PVC plantation shutters for your home? One of the key benefits of having PVC shutters on your home is how well they keep the heat in during the cold weather and out when it is hot. They are fantastic insulators, ensuring your home remains warmer longer when you want it to and therefore helping to reduce your energy bills over time. Keeping warmth in, or out, can reduce your dependency on your heating and cooling systems and save money too.

Another positive is how great PVC shutters are in wet areas like your bathrooms as well as the other areas in your home, keeping water out and not warping over time. They are the absolute best choice for anywhere with moisture and can be water-resistant as well as flame-retardant covering all bases.

While they offer privacy from prying eyes, they can also keep out other unwanted guests like termites above their wooden fellows. As long as you get a quality product, well treated and well made, PVC shutters are an excellent choice for your home.

How long do PVC shutters last?

Your next question should be about durability and longevity. In general plantation shutters should last a long time, adding a luxurious feel to your home for over a decade.

A high-quality wood shutter is often thought to be the best choice, looking beautiful and in keeping with the American South aesthetic that draws many to purchase plantation shutters for their house, and if you follow simple care instructions they are a great addition to your home.

However, PVC plantation shutters are in fact often the most durable of all materials, lasting well in wet conditions as well as dry and going for twenty years or more. Also, with modern manufacturing techniques, this longer lasting material can also be nearly impossible to tell apart from the look of classic wood, offering both a long life and the best view.

If you go with a quality shop like Perth’s Boutique Plantation Shutters and get bespoke shutters to fit and suit your home, and if you follow a few guidelines for taking care of them, your PVC plantation shutters could last a lifetime.

How much do PVC plantation shutters cost?

Yet another great thing about PVC plantation shutters over other materials is the cost. Despite being more durable, moisture-resistant, and with a finish to look like the more traditional wooden shutters, PVC is also usually cheaper to buy.

While prices do vary a great deal depending on if you are buying per window or square metre, which company you use, and, of course, the quality of the material, PVC is, in general, less money and good value.

Wood plantation shutters, depending on the type of wood and where you are getting them from, can cost thousands for your house. PVC on the other hand usually costs substantially less and offers a host of other benefits too.


There are many reasons to purchase PVC plantation shutters over those made of timber, from price to aesthetics to utility. Aiding in keeping your temperature where you want it, cool in the heat and warm in the cold, suitable for every room particularly those like bathrooms where moisture is present, and without the danger of termites, there are many positives to this material.

And with a quality product from a great company, they now have a fantastic finish that makes them difficult to tell apart from wood. Longer lasting, lower cost, and high quality, PVC plantation shutters are a fantastic buy so check it out for yourself today.